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June 03, 2020

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You want to give your audience chance to ask you something? But they are to shy to write questions in the comment section or directly to you?

There is a solution! Headless FAQ!

Headless Widget

Place widget on your site for people to start asking you questions!

Demo: on the bottom of this page

Headless FAQ Widget

Admin panel

Use admin panel to see all questions and give some amazing answers!

Headless FAQ Admin


Use our already made Frontend with all of your answers!

Demo (ru):

Headless FAQ Frontend

Headless Core

The main part of the Core is the powerful GraphQL API, which allows you to make your own widgets, admin and client interfaces that you want! Even integrate into the mobile app!

Headless FAQ Core

Especially good sync with SSG (like Gatsby.js) and Headless CMS (like Ghost)

Headless FAQ Core

🔥 Free and Open Source 🔥

You can use of all this as an open source!

Link will be placed on this page OR you can follow my github @dionid to be noticed of release.

Release will be in July 2020.

You wanna get Headless FAQ?

You don’t have developers, but want Headless FAQ?

You are luky! We can do instead of you, just for 30$.

If you interested in, write me: or Telegram @davidshekunts

Tech Spec

What you can find from technical perspective:

Headless Core

  1. Architecture

    1. Domain Driven Design Light (DDDL) (What is it?)
    2. Event Driven Architecture (EDA)
    3. CQRS + CQRS bus
    4. Repositories
    5. Modular monolith
    6. IoC + DI
  2. Code

    1. Telegram Bot
    2. NestJS
    3. GraphQL
    4. Knex
  3. DB

    1. PostgreSQL
  4. Deploy

    1. Hasura for DB
    2. Google App Engine for main App
    3. Serverless + Google Cloud Functions


  1. UI: React admin + Material UI
  2. Deploy: Vercel
  3. API: GraphQL + Hasura

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